Science for a new
lease on life

Igelösa Life Science is a medical research centre located in Lund, Sweden. Since 1998, we have facilitated the development of several pioneering innovations and helped bringing them into clinical practice. We continue to advance the fields of transplantation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and preventive medicine.


We conduct preclinical research in close collaboration with Lund University and other academic institutions worldwide.


We educate surgeons and key opinion leaders in new clinical procedures and related technical equipment.


We collaborate with leading business partners in order to make our innovations commercially available.

“Our purpose has always been to provide hope for those who are critically ill. It is to these patients, first and foremost, that we dedicate our work in research, education and innovation.”


Where ideas meet

Igelösa Life Science is a place for both exploration and contemplation. It is located on the great plains that surround Lund, close to the rural village of Igelösa.

Its style, structure and organization has been partly inspired by the medieval monasteries that once influenced the development of the modern university system. Inside is a world of natural science, medical experiments and international research cooperation. Outside is stillness, nature and beauty.