• Igelosa Life Science AB is founded by Stig Steen and Nils Gyllenkrok.
  • Cooperation with Swedish biomedicine company Vitrolife (today Xvivo Perfusion) is initiated. The aim is to commercialize the novel ex vivo lung perfusion concept, eventually leading to the development of STEEN-Solution.
  • Cooperation with the Swedish medicine technology company Jostra is initialized. The object is to investigate how adequate and uninterrupted chest compressions can affect the heart’s physiology in cardiac arrest. Engineers at Igelosa construct several prototypes of a mechanical heart compression device.


  • The world’s first lung transplantation with an organ from a Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD) is carried out by Stig Steen and colleagues at Skåne’s University Hospital in Lund. The transplantation receives international attention and is published in the top-ranked medical journal the Lancet (2001).
  • Extensive research indicates promising effects of a new device for mechanical compressions in treating cardiac arrest. Jostra AB transfers the project into a new company called Jolife. The development of LUCAS is initiated.


  • The first medical journal article on LUCAS is published by Steen et.al. It shows that mechanical compressions can increase blood circulation to vital organs compared to manual CPR.
  • Cooperation is initiated with the Swedish nutrition company Indevex. Development of a nutrition powder is initiated, eventually leading to the patented nutrition formula NGC. The target group is patients who are waiting for lung transplantation.
  • Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Arvid Carlsson visits Igelosa.


  • The construction of a new medical clinic begins. Besides laboratories, the new building has ten guest rooms, a research kitchen and a small chapel.
  • Jolife signs a global distribution agreement with Medtronic, a world leading medical technology company.
  • Ådne Steen becomes CEO of Igelosa Life Science.


  • A clinical breakthrough is achieved when Steen and colleagues successfully transplants donor lungs that were reconditioned and evaluated ex vivo (outside the body) for 17 hours prior to transplant. The lungs were initially rejected by all Nordic transplant centers due to insufficient function. The recipient, a 72 years old Norwegian man, becomes the world’s oldest lung transplanted patient.
  • The international guidelines for resuscitation are changed. The new guidelines stress the importance of chest compressions before defibrillation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest treatment. This is considered a landmark in the history of cardiac arrest treatment.


• Courses in ex vivo lung perfusion is arranged for visiting clinics from Oslo, Gothenburg, Munich.


  • Cooperation with Swedish company Oriflame is initiated. The direct selling giant markets the NGC formulation under the brand Natural Balance Shake.


  • Vivoline Medical is founded in Lund. The company starts to develop technical solutions for a simplified administration of ex vivo lung perfusion.
  • LUCAS is approved for sale in the USA by FDA.


  • A new state-of-the-art research kitchen and conference room for 100 persons are completed at Igelosa.
  • In April Vivoline Medical receives grant of 5 MSEK from the official innovation promoting organ VINNOVA. The project is selected as one of nineteen to receive funds out of 455 applicants.
  • Research cooperation is initiated with Professor Anders Arner at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. The research relates to studying single heart cells and is partly funded by Hans-Gabriel and Alice Trolle Wachtmeister’s Foundation for Medical Research.
  • Research cooperation is initiated with James Fildes, PhD, Principle Investigator at Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research. The joint research project investigates the possible migration of non-classical monocytes in donor lungs that undergo ex vivo lung perfusion.


  • The Vivoline lung system LS1 becomes the world’s first CE-marked medical device system for ex-vivo lung perfusion. Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg becomes the first clinic to implement the system.
  • HM Queen Silvia of Sweden visits Igelosa.


  • Jolife, manufacturer of LUCAS, is acquired by Physio-Control, USA.


  • A multi-center study is initiated in England on ex-vivo long perfusion using the Vivoline LS1 lung perfusion system. All lung transplant clinics in UK travel to Igelosa for extensive training on the method.


  • Professor Francis Delmonico from Harvard University, President of the Transplantation Society and Chief Medical Officer at New England Organ Bank, Boston, visits Igelosa.
  • Ex vivo lung perfusion is named top-10 medical innovations by the annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit.


  • Igelosa signs a research and development agreement with Orkla, the largest food producer in the Nordics.
  • Cooperation with Professor Bodil Ohlsson at Lund University is initiated. A food study is conducted, comparing blood responses after intake of two differently composed meals, both with equal amount of calories, on 20 healthy test persons. The study shows significant differences on blood glucose, insulin and satiety.
  • Igelosa hosts the Nordic Bishop Conference.


  • A prospective interventional food study investigating the clinical effect of an Okinawan-based Nordic diet is conducted together with researchers from Lund University. The study shows significant positive result on the patients, where anti-diabetes treatment could be decreased or cancelled.
  • Cooperation with Professor David McGiffin, Brisbane, Australia, regarding a novel method for non-ischemic heart preservation is initiated.
  • Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Alvin Roth visits Igelosa.

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